Maybe the drop in this month’s visitor count can be explained by the huge jump in building permits for new single family homes – if everyone is moving here, they can’t be counted as visitors.

The city of Mesquite Building Department’s monthly permit report for February shows a jump in permits for single family residences that’s three times the number issued last year. The city handed out 29 permits valued at $6.469 million last month compared to 10 issued in February 2016 with a valuation of $2.316 million.

LHSC Inc. took the top prize for the most permits at 12 for homes primarily on Huntington Heights and Pebble View Lane in the Canyon Crest subdivision. Pulte Homes of Nevada, which builds all new homes in Sun City Mesquite, took out six permits while Nevada Residential Construction (NRC) took out five permits. Construction West and Catamount Development each took two permits for new single-family homes. Maves Construction Inc. and a private builder took one permit each for new homes.

The highest valued permit was for $428,220 and one was valued at $364,260. Other than those two, the valuations for the new permits ranged from a low of $154,908 to a high of $288,834.

Overall, the city issued 121 permits in February with a total valuation of $7.162 million. That compares to February 2016 when 103 permits were issued, valued at $2.963 million.

Residential modification permits held steady year-to-year with 11 issued last month and 12 issued last year. But the value of the permits rose from $67,303 last year to $115,848 this year.

Last year the city issued two permits for new businesses. This year nine new business permits were issued.

Commercial modification permits increased from two last year valued at only $13,380 to four this year valued at $299,252.

Swimming pool permits were up from one last year to five this year while the value increased from $14,168 to $85,689.

One demolition permit for $1,000 was issued in February and 12 permits for block walls were issued, valued at $53,873.