When lighting strikes sometimes everything changes and that is what is happening in Washington D.C. Never have there been so many changes so quickly. Perhaps we have been wrong in the past when electing politicians to office where their goal becomes re-election instead of what they promised. Electing a business person who has nothing to gain is what we should have been doing all along.

The framers of our republic had that in mind when they laid out the framework of our form of government. They saw citizen politicians who came to office and then returned to their business, unfortunately, all that has changed over the last 200 years or so. Yet almost unbelievably we now have a citizen who is not a career politician but a business person who doesn’t need the job and gave up a lifestyle that many dream about having.

He comes in with promises that he made and is not impressed by what the career politicians have and the lifestyle they now live. He had to struggle to keep his businesses alive and thriving and he did that by keeping his promises and his word was his bond. Since most of what he did was on borrowed money he had to work fast and do it right to have a successful project. Where the people in Washington didn’t have to deliver or get anything right except the next election campaign.

What a culture shock someone who had to work quickly and people who wonder where the next party was and would there be a lobbyist who could give them money for the next election. Look at the difference, a person who had to get it right and those who didn’t care, if they had cover or plausible denial, someone who was judged on his successes not his or her re-election.

Many are in total denial but the changes roll on and roll on they do. One greatly disturbing thing is the kind of protests which are violent and destroy property and in some cases injure people. This kind of anarchy is against the law and should be treated accordingly. Many of these “Protesters” are paid activists and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

The future looks bright even with all the delays and paid for protests. There is a roll back of the federal rules that stifle business and kill initiative and was what the people wanted. The fact that Trump did not win the total vote is irrelevant because that margin was a California vote and without that, the popular vote would have been won by Trump. That was the design of our Founding Father so that the big populous states could not control the elections and each state had a say in the outcome.

The lighting strikes continue and the change of direction has begun. It will be a long process with many successes and a few setbacks because of the liberal blocking the peoples will, but the liberals are dealing with a different breed of President and he intends to Make America Great Again.