On Jan. 25, Gerri Chasko, Director of the Eureka Community Initiative Program, presented the Mesquite Veterans a check for $12,800 from the entire community who patronized any Eureka restaurant on the night of Nov. 11, 2016. Fifty percent of all retail food sales that day went for the cause. Photo by Teri Nehrenz

The Eureka Casino and Resort has been the benefactor for many charities in Mesquite. The Lee Family, staff and employees of the Eureka and the new Rising Star Sport Ranch resort are very generous to the entire community. Hosting large celebrations especially for the community is something the entire Eureka family is well known for, but most of their charity work is kept quiet.

Gerri Chasko, director of the Eureka Community Initiative Program which is sponsored by the Eureka organization, thought that their latest donation needed to be made public because it came from the public.

The Eureka is also well known for their many dining establishments and folks from around town flock to the casual atmosphere of Mason Street while some prefer the variety and made to order items available at Town Square Buffet. Others prefer the elegant fine dining of Gregory’s. Whatever their tastes, one thing is certain, Mesquite residents dined in fine style at the Eureka on Nov. 11. Fifty percent of all proceeds from each of their dining establishments that locals and visitors patronized that day went to a very worthy charity, the Mesquite Veterans Center.

On Jan. 25, Chasko attended the Mesquite Veterans Center’s monthly board meeting and was very happy to present them a check for $12,800 from the community.

“We don’t ever like to make a big deal out of most of our donations but this is different,” Chasko said. “We wanted to do something for the Veterans Center and we thought we could sell some little pins or novelty type of things. What we decided to do was to give 50 percent of all retail food sales to the center. We picked a good time since it was a Friday night, everything was open and we were busy so this very generous gift is from the entire community.”

The money received by the Veterans will stay in Mesquite and help many local veterans with much needed services from referral services to providing rides to the V.A. Hospital in Las Vegas.

For more information on services provided by the Mesquite Veterans contact 702-345-2735. For transportation information contact Mesquite Elks Lodge 702-345-2811.