Bulldog football player Chase Henderson center signs his ‘Letter of Intent’ to further his education and football career at Eastern Arizona College. Henderson’s mom Kimberley Kroom right, Bulldog coach Yori Ludvigson left and VVHS officials back row Greg Croshaw and Cliff Hughes witnessed the signing.

Bulldog standout Chase Henderson was a ‘Monster’ for the VVHS football team the past three years. Now he really is a ‘Monster’, a Gila monster that is. Henderson signed a Letter of Intent to continue his football career and further his education at Eastern Arizona College in Thatcher Arizona. Henderson, his mom Kimberley Kroom and VVHS officials gathered in the school’s library for the signing. Bulldog coach Yori Ludvigson said,” It’s been a long time coming. He worked hard despite some personal adversity and this makes a promise come true. Chace’s dad made me promise I would help Chace get a scholarship.” “I’ve been waiting for this for a long time,” said Henderson’s beaming mom Kimberley.

“Although I haven’t visited Eastern yet, I’ve heard it’s a lot like Mesquite, a small town,” said Henderson. “I’m excited about continuing my football career and hope to get the opportunity to compete with a Division 1 school. My future goal is to become a Physician’s Assistant.” Henderson was the 3A Sunrise League most valuable player and made the Nevada State 3A first team.

Henderson’s scholarship at Eastern is a full-ride including room and board. Congratulations to Henderson as he moves from small Mesquite to the agriculture based Graham County.