Super Bowl 2017 takes place February 5th at the Houston’s NGR Stadium (home of the Texans). Headlining the halftime show this year will be Lady Gaga. The game is scheduled to play on the Fox Network at 6:30 ET, 3:30 PM PT. For those of you interested in trying to acquire tickets, be prepared to spend a small fortune. As I searched for tickets, I realized I may never get the opportunity to attend a Super Bowl Game. Average prices are $4,400.00 a seat and up; I decided I wouldn’t bother to check with parking after that. This will be one for my Bucket List. Obviously one must be extremely careful when purchasing tickets online, so use a reputable site, such as Ticket Master, Stub Hub or , they seem to be the most reliable.

For many NFL goers, it’s all about the entertainment; and I’m not talking about halftime. Numerous football fans (everywhere) will patronize their hometown pubs, restaurants or create their own party. Having a home party requires party supplies and plenty of food-n-drinks. As soon as party goers find out which teams are going, you must have the team colors; one should be running out to Party City to get first dibs on football favorites. From football server ware to invitations and party favors, they have it all. They even have football clean up kits! Amazing … yes, I think so! They will even customize your invitations online if you’d like. Also, if you’re one that enjoys the ambiance and would like to have an actual feeling for being at the game, you can invest in a 4ft by 30ft vinyl back drop for any room you might be entertaining in; beginning with a football field runner for your floor to a life size cardboard football player cutout and fans in the stands… the options are endless.

Then, there are the super bowl commercials to watch out for; usually there is at least one that makes a huge impression among watchers. I, myself…love to watch the halftime entertainment, and this year should be phenomenal. Lady Gaga has come a long way, and her music collaborations have been impressive this past year. This is one performance I can’t wait to see. So, to sum it up… we all root for our favorite teams, and sit with much anticipation, with the hopes that our favorites will make it to the Super Bowl. But whatever happens, sometimes it’s just about the comradery and getting fans together that makes this time of year exciting. I’m a cheese head, and whatever happens for the Green Bay Packers this year, I like many others remain loyal and hope full; until next year… I will leave you with this; “Anyone can support a team that is winning – it takes no courage. But to stand behind a team to defend a team when it is down and really needs you, takes a lot of courage. – Bart Starr

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