Because Mesquite Regional Business Inc. (MRB) competes against many other site selectors, Rachel Dahl, the organization’s CEO says “we need to be able to stand out more.”

As part of her new mission at MRB, Dahl is in the process of rebranding a tool that has brought several successful businesses to Mesquite to ensure that continues.

“We need to make it easy for these companies to find what they need. They find us long before they ever call us, and with our current stats on the website, we aren’t getting a good translation from visitors to leads. We are working on fixing that.”

Dahl and the MRB Board are working at redesigning their logo and website as well as the abilities that the website has to track and observe those who click through to the site “We’re looking to improve our appearance both professionally and to be a little more modern,” she said.

At this time, MRB is scouting for the right companies and people to design the new logo and website and will hope to get things settled and updated by March.

In other projects, MRB is assisting with the kick start of Mesquite Works, who moved into their office location at 312 W. Mesquite Blvd. Suite 102, next to Virgin Valley Family Services on Jan. 16. Once Mesquite Works gets going, Dahl is hoping that their efforts will be enough to add another selling point to why businesses need to come to Mesquite. Opening Exit 118 has been beneficial and once the construction for 333 Eagles Landing’s truck stop starts, the increase for new companies moving in should rise as well.

“When people see motion, they get excited. After the housing study came out we were approached by two development groups who are looking at starting some new projects here. That’s huge. You have to have housing, you have to have a workforce. That’s the only way we’ll be able to keep drawing these companies to Mesquite,” Dahl said.

Another factor that Dahl sees as a positive note for Mesquite is how involved the community is and how they utilize local media and attend local government meetings. Having that amenity adds to the cauldron that contributes to Mesquite’s appeal. Dahl said, “At the policy level, when your community is engaged, the people are able to speak directly to an issue and it really matters. That’s one thing that I love about this community.”

There are several other projects that Dahl has in mind for MRB once the rebranding process has been completed and launched. They will remain at their location, 11 W. Pioneer Blvd. Suite A, above the Bank of Nevada and can be reached by phone at 702-613-0109.