Mesquite country music and Rock-n-Roll fans alike will want to take a trip to the Casablanca this weekend. There is no cover charge to come and experience the new “Power-pop” Country Rock band The Rye Brothers. Friday, Dec. 9 – Sun. Dec. 11 at 9 p.m.

Rye Brothers are a “power-pop” rock/country act, mixing contemporary country music and rock n’ roll guitar-driven songs. The group is led by Paul Justin & Justin Foutz, who trade off on the lead vocals and guitar licks. Paul and Justin formed Rye Brothers in the Summer of 2015 and quickly added a solid rhythm section consisting of Evan Chudnow (bass, backing vocals) and Jeff Sorenson (drums, backing vocals) to round out this Southern California-based “power-pop” quartet.

At first listen you can hear the rock n’ roll influences of early Aerosmith, Def Leppard, Cheap Trick, and Sweet, while also pulling from modern country rockers like Eric Church, Justin Moore, Randy Houser and Dwight Yoakam. “Sixteen” is a rocking pop number about the innocence & reckless abandon of being a teen with an infectious guitar hook and anthem backing vocals. “Baby I” is a power-pop ballad with country overtones that builds to a classic rock guitar solo reminiscent of “lighter’s in the air” moments of arena-rock anthems. Truly, who doesn’t love a good guitar solo! “Guitar with A Missing String” is a classic country love song with clever lyrics and catchy guitar hooks, with Justin’s guitar playing sounding like a hybrid of Elliot Easton, Brad Paisley and Keith Urban.

Rye Brothers are a complete package and ready to blow rock your soul and make you forget about the daily grind. Go ahead and give them a listen, you might find yourself singing the songs long after you left the Casablanca.