We just witnessed an historic realignment on the right where the focus has been shifted dramatically away from financial and other powerful interests to a focus on the people.  President-elect Trump called this a focus on the “forgotten man” which is a euphemism for a return to “government of, by and for the people.”  Like all revolutions, it’s been a little ugly.

Once people regain their perspective, the media will get on with reporting on the Trump agenda from their slanted views.

Already Mexico and Canada have said they are ready to renegotiate regarding trade.  They know that they need access to the world’s largest consumer market.  Great Britain also has let America know they are ready for a bi-lateral trade agreement.  Our biggest problem in the near future may be a shortage of skilled workers.  My advice to young people is to focus your energies towards careers that will be available or get those blue collar skills that will be in demand again.

Americans should withhold judgment until President-elect Trump has at least a few days on the job.  For all the “limousine liberals” in Hollywood, stop over-exaggerating and trying to divide the country – just get on with your lives.  Time will heal the grief of Hillary supporters and moderate the euphoria of Trump supporters.

Let’s all pull together for a change so our children and grandchildren will inherit a better America.

F.D. Shannon

1164 Waterfall View

Mesquite, NV 89034