Over the past few weeks anyone driving around the city of Mesquite may have come across one of the Mesquite Police Department’s volunteers. Lately they have been hard at work serving the community they love. They are easy to spot in their black and white vehicles which are marked “Citizen Volunteer Patrol” and have a yellow traffic warning light bar on top.

Police Chief Troy Tanner is especially proud of his healthy volunteer program, and expressed his gratitude bysaying “I cannot think of a better way to show your community you care than by volunteering your time in service of your peers. I am so proud of our volunteer program and the many hours they freely give to serve all of us and to help keep our city safe.”

As an example of their service, just within the last month alone, the volunteers have dedicated 45 service hours to conduct traffic control on Mesa Blvd during construction, 25 service hours at the MPD annual trunk or treat event, 23 service hours during the city’s annual Veterans Day Parade, and many more service hours responding to and conducting traffic control assistance at vehicle accident scenes.

Chief Tanner said, “I feel a need to publicly thank our Volunteer Program Coordinator, Don Woodmancy as well as the 30 volunteers who have dedicated their own free time to the city this year. If you see them around town in their volunteer uniforms or vehicles, please take a moment and say thank you.”





Mesquite Police Department Website: http://www.mesquitenv.gov/city-government/departments/police