Making mistakes is a natural part of life. It allows us to grow as an individual, while teaching valuable life lessons, it’s important to learn from them as they help mold us as to who we are today and who we may become. Identifying the mistake made is important so we can understand ‘why’ we made it. Habits, on the other hand… is a repetitive behavior whether good or bad, yet might include a mistake in which one continues to make. The only similarity here is the fact many of us have repeated the same mistakes, allowing a pattern to take place. An example would be similar to those who become an addict, whether in alcohol, drugs, abusive relationships, smoking or gambling… it’s repetitive; these are bad habits. One may also obtain good habits, and usually are found among successful people. We know bad habits are hard to break, sometimes requiring professional help. Mistakes, however… are something we can control, if acknowledged in a timely manner we can control the outcome, though not every time. Clearly, there’s a difference between making a mistake (one time) and habits (same repetitive choices).

Setbacks in life can create a negative mind; sending those negative feelings might cause the possibility to repeat mistakes. In order to change these unconscious intentions, we should dig deep into our thoughts so we understand what the issue is at hand. It takes more work, but the outcome is usually worth it, once you admit the reason. We cannot change the past, but we must learn from it. We all want to be at the wheel when driving somewhere, this is control; the same goes about our lives. If anxiety plays a part in your life… the tendency to make the same mistakes most likely exists. You must treat your anxiety, in order to change the outcomes of decisions. Reversing a negative pattern begins in the mind and it takes positive affirmation on your part, beginning with the ability to meditate on the subject at hand. Not allowing the negative pattern of behavior to throw you off your game, so-to-speak. I, myself have made many mistakes in the past, and won’t allow myself to make the same ones; (I already did that!). Instead I’m thinking more clearly, and will not make any hasty decisions. With my mistakes came a lot of risks, almost like throwing dice on a craps table; craziness at times, but I’ve been a risk-taker all my life, and that’s hard to break. We can retrain our brain, though it takes an enormous amount of thinking and clarification. Also, it means creating a new defense mechanism within, so we don’t respond in the same old ways. These are all valuable suggestions to consider, if you want to rectify mistakes as well as habits. We are all hard-wired differently, so what might work for one individual… won’t necessarily be the right thing for someone else. I recently read a quote which I found interesting, as it refers to an uncertain ‘uncomfortableness’ among adults, and can be applied with making mistakes. Mistakes are failures, because the outcome was not the one we had hoped for. The quote in which I read was, “A person in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have.” – Timothy Ferriss. If you reread this several times through a day, you will find deeper meaning as to its origin. Also, do not forget… “We learn from failure, not from success!” – Bram Stoker


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