img_0931Earlier this month the Mesquite Local News hosted a Welcome Back Snowbird event to “Honor the Ageless.” We had over 30 non-profit and for-profit organizations who helped make it a fun event for 300 guests.

We want to thank Mesquite Gaming for helping us with the hamburgers and hot dogs, especially Dick Tomasso, Tom Jannerone and Robert Murguia. And, we loved having the Elks Lodge cook all of them for us.

No event is complete without the Mesquite Showgirls who helped us sell raffle tickets garnering $220 that we donated to Mesquite Reads.

Nick Montoya, Director of Athletics and Leisure Services Department, was priceless as he reminded us of things we needed to do that we didn’t know we needed to do. His advice and the help from him and his staff was awesome.

The help we received from City staff is greatly appreciated, especially Jesslyn Bickley who kept us on the straight and narrow with the permit paperwork. We are especially grateful that Bill Tanner and Troy Tanner let us close off the street so we could accommodate the many visitors and vendors who joined the fun.

Lastly, I want to thank Stephanie and Teri who took off early, leaving me to clean everything up.