image1-1 image1 img_2415 img_2426 img_2451Mesquite Fire Rescue responded to a Structure Fire on Bannock Way Saturday afternoon after residents arrived home to find the house full of smoke.   Firefighters found smoke showing from the attic and rear of the single family home when they arrived.  They found a fire burning in the kitchen and were able to quickly knock it down.  High heat in the attic evident with thermal imaging was also quickly cooled to prevent the fire from spreading.

Three residents of the home were evaluated for smoke inhalation after they repeatedly entered the home to attempt to put the fire out and evacuate animals.  One Mesquite Police Officer was also checked out for smoke inhalation as he was attempting to get the residents out of the house.  All of those evaluated refused transport to the hospital.  Mesquite Fire Rescue would like to remind everyone to immediately evacuate a structure if it is on fire and to stay out.  Smoke and heat can kill or cause debilitating injury with even very minimal exposures.

The fire is believed to be accidental in nature although it is still under investigation.

Responding Units: E-11, T-11, R-31, R-11, Chief 2, Chief 1, Bunkerville E-71 and Squad 71, Beaver Dam E-11 and M-11