Recently, the ballot language for the statewide ballot initiatives was released by the Secretary of State’s office. As a longtime gun owner, and a military veteran, I was eagerly anticipating reading the specifics regarding Question 1.

Question 1 would require background checks on all firearms sales and transfers in our state, except for certain well-defined circumstances. As a law-abiding gun owner, who has always legally purchased his firearms from a licensed seller, this initiative will in no way restrict or change the way I purchase my firearms. This initiative will stop the unregulated sale of firearms to unqualified buyers. The gun lobby has been spreading fear for months that this law will somehow restrict law-abiding citizens & creates cause for their arrest. They also claim that this initiative will destroy the 2nd Amendment and lead to onerous regulations.

I have read the ballot language. Law-abiding gun owners like myself have nothing to fear. In fact, this law strengthens the 2nd Amendment by protecting the rights of legal gun owners, and making it more difficult for criminals to purchase firearms. The Secretary of State explicitly outlines the well-defined exemptions written into Question 1.

  1. a) Hunting with a friend? No background check required.
  2. b) Shooting at the range with a friend? No background check required.
  3. c) Gifting a firearm to a child or grandchild, or just about any family member for that matter? No background check required.

Purchasing a firearm online, or at a gun show? Background check REQUIRED. Just like any other legal firearm transfer.

Why is the gun lobby so dedicated to protecting the rights of criminals and unqualified gun purchasers? Why should criminals and unqualified gun purchasers have the same access to firearms as law-abiding citizens and veterans?

I will be voting yes on Question 1. I urge all Nevadans to do the same.

Manny Garcia

Mesquite, NV