Ms. Senior Mesquite 2016, Jean Hardman, won first runner-up in the 2016 Ms. Senior Nevada Competition.  Submitted photo.

Ms. Senior Mesquite 2016, Jean Hardman, won first runner-up in the 2016 Ms. Senior Nevada Competition. Submitted photo.

Ms. Senior Mesquite 2016, Jean Hardman, recently competed in the 2016 Ms. Senior Nevada competition held at the South Point Casino Aug. 24 and brought home two trophies, one for talent and the other for first runner-up.

Hardman said when they called her name for first runner-up it meant that she did not win the title of Ms. Senior Nevada and her first thought was, “Thank goodness!” Hardman is very happy with her trophy for the talent portion because it means that she will be invited to future pageants to perform with other alumni winners which will keep her involved at the state level. She wouldn’t have refused the title of Ms. Senior Nevada by any means but winning the second trophy and being first runner-up is a good position for her to be in; it doesn’t take her away from Mesquite. Mesquite is where she loves to live and live she does.

Hardman is getting ready to begin the new season with the Southern Nevada Symphony Orchestra in October where she plays first violin. Additionally, she performs in a Celtic music group in Idaho where she lives in the summer and hosts a weekly jam session at Desert Skies RV park in Scenic, AZ where she and her husband live in the winter. She is also involved with the group Strings-n-Things and performs regularly for functions and groups in Mesquite.

Hardman’s biggest battle to date is her fight with cancer. She calls herself “almost” a survivor. She has fought hard for the past two years and continues that fight. Hardman says in her bio, “Facing the possibility of death the past two years has been a life-changing experience.” There is no sign that she is slowing down or doing anything but pressing on.

She still lives her life to the fullest and doesn’t back away from challenges; her philosophies of life being, “live hard, die young.” Hardman says, “What I mean by that is… make those hard decisions in life…don’t back away from those things or situations that challenge you, and do the things you love to do. Those things will keep you feeling young until the day you die.”

Hardman was completely blown away when they first called her to appear on stage and heard the thunderous applause when she stepped out. She said she had, by far, the largest contingency of supporters in the audience. She said there were probably 40 or 50 Mesquite residents in attendance to help support her and she is very touched by that.

Hardman said she is so proud to represent Mesquite. It amazes her that so many of the residents put so much heart and soul into volunteering and supporting so many organizations and she is especially grateful and overwhelmed by the generosity and support she has gotten before and during her reign as Ms. Senior Mesquite 2016.