Overcoming failures and uncertainties in our lives plays a role in what possibilities lay ahead for us. We are all different, including our beliefs in religion and choices we make as to how we live our daily lives. Observing social media… it’s easy to see those that incorporate positive mantras in their daily living and notice others whom reach out for support while needing to get through troubled times or health issues. It’s about ‘uncertainties’ of the unknown which frightens us, because we all want the best outcome for whatever it may be; starting with believing in you, and learning to let go of those unknown fears. Building self-esteem and confidence is a learned behavior, so the willingness to get back up after a personal set back or failure of sorts, is a necessary pursuit to further yourself through life. The power of believing in the unknown lies within all of us, beginning with our childhood years; example being… of young children that believe in Santa Claus, tooth fairies, etc.…. it’s a magical world of the unknown, but children have no difficulties in believing it. It’s through our aging years that this type of behavior changes, and we are then molded into adulthood while losing a bit of the magic we once believed in.

In our adult years, life happens. We are then catapulted into certain stresses and decision making that comes with risks, and while the ultimate expected outcome may not happen the way we want, it becomes a negative in our life, naturally giving us those tendencies to dwell on our losses, instead of thinking of every positive thing that happened; it’s simply human nature. We no longer believe in the things we once did as children, and the unknown comes with a bit of fear. It becomes necessary to overcome those feelings and trust your inner gut. I can honestly say, had I trusted my inner gut about decisions I’ve made in my past, my outcome could have been better. I took risks, meaning I did not know ‘how’ it would turn out…clearly it’s the unknown. This is how many of us get stuck as adults. For a couple of years I felt this way, but I’ve been working hard at letting go of those fears and the unknown, so once again I can take the risk and move on. No one knows the future, with the exception of our higher one…God. We don’t see him, but most of us believe that he is with us; think about that for a minute.

Positive thoughts can empower ones’ life if practiced daily. Most successful people have taken risks. Failure wasn’t an option, though they all experienced it at one time or another, perhaps multiple times. They put their fear to rest, and inescapably journeyed towards the unknown; they believed in the power, bringing good things to them. Three years ago, I was robbed of everything, including my uplifting spirit. It’s taken a long time to recover, between health and losing it all…maybe, just maybe…the future holds something greater for me, though it’s completely unknown. Failure makes us stronger, and the ability to change our course is a gift. We just need to believe…in ourselves, the unknown, and … our dreams.

Make your week count.