Sherman Frederick sparks tribune

Sherman Frederick

Forget an “October Surprise” that will disqualify Hillary Clinton from the presidency. That happened in August. Lucky for her Donald Trump is her opponent.

Email begrudgingly released by the State Department this month showed beyond a reasonable doubt that Ms. Clinton violated her promise to separate the Clinton Foundation from government business.

The email showed Clinton being Clinton – engaging in a practice called “Pay For Play”. It’s a time-worn practice, admittedly. But the Clintons have taken the scheme to new heights, using the Clinton Foundation to build immense wealth for themselves by washing their income, expenses and lavish lifestyle through their “charity”, and I use the term loosely. In an exchange process that operates with a wink and nod and based on the notion that it’s not what you know but who you know, the Clintons have parlayed their public service into wealth. The speaking fees for Hillary and Bill of between $300,000 to $750,000 per pop, are just one way we know they profit.

That’s why President Obama wanted a firewall agreement in place between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department before she was named Secretary of State. She apparently violated it from day one.

The conservative advocacy group Judicial Watch, using the Freedom of Information Act, obtained a series of email traffic between Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin and Douglas Band. Band was a Clinton Foundation executive. Abedin and Mills were top aides to Hillary at the State Department.

One email has Band reaching out to Mills and Abedin to connect Gilbert Chagouri, a Lebanese-Nigerian billionaire with the U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon.

Chagouri paid big bucks to the Clinton charity. Now he wanted to play.

Another e-mail, heavily redacted, is titled “A Favor”. It goes from Band to Mills and Abedin and says “Important to take of (name redacted).” Abedin replies: “We have all had him on our radar … personnel has been sending him options.”

This all happened within the first six months of Hillary taking over the State Department. Who knows what else happened in the ensuing three-and-a-half years of her tenure.

What we do know is that when Hillary becomes our next president, the Clinton Foundation will do very, very well.

Sherman Frederick is a longtime Nevadan and the founder of Battle Born Media. You can reach him at