As I was about to use an old issue of your newspaper, I noticed a column by Thomas Mitchell, I neglected to read. Before using it to start my BBQ, I read it. It was about how the BLM was wrong in their facts that cattle are causing the demise of the desert tortoise. It was very informative and well thought out.
As chance would have it, I took a hike to Rodger’s Springs and met a man from Las Vegas, who verified Mitchell’s facts. The Las Vegas man said he bought his home years ago when it was surrounded by ranch lands and the desert tortoise was common. He said it was the wild horse and burros who compete with the tortoise.
I added due to the bad economy, ranchers need to get second jobs and have little time to care for their horses. Either they hire someone or turn them back to the wild. He said the BLM said the local herd of wild horses were only 50 but when they had a round up, it was five times that amount.
Well, I just wanted you to know Mr. Mitchell is often right on the money with his columns. Keep it upn logo.

David Pahlka

Mesquite, NV