At the July 13 Mesquite Chamber of Commerce Luncheon, Golf Mesquite Nevada Executive Director Cody Law presented his findings on the affect that Mesquite golf courses have on both the city and the local economy.

Through findings conducted by an outside agency a few years ago, 50 percent of the golf course clientele are repeat customers, local and otherwise with an average green fee rate of $57 per round for locals and $100 per round during the golf season for tourists.

The revenues compiled include monies received through golf course operations, travel, accommodations and gaming, food and beverage sales and retail sales of golf equipment and clothing. Through a method known as a trickle down multiplier, Mesquite ranks at a 1.75 multiplier which is higher than South Carolina but still less than Arizona or Colorado.

With the average stay for visitors of two nights and three days, it was determined that 88 percent of all golf visitors gamble and 79 percent of them are over the age of 50.

Total revenues from greens fees and carts equaled roughly $17 million with retail and merchandise bringing in another estimated $2.1 million and food and beverage, which are 10 percent lower in Mesquite than the national average, at $2.5 million, for a total revenue of $21.7 million. Multiplying that by the 1.75 trickle down brings a total economic impact from golf to Mesquite at an estimated $38.1 million each year.

Law also continued with other findings, stating that many of the visitors and tourists that come to Mesquite for golf eventually relocate here which adds even more to Mesquite’s economy.

“Golf in Mesquite has helped the area grow and it will continue to be a vital part of the economy for many years,” Law stated.