Have you ever felt fearful that if you don’t pay close attention to something that something bad might actually happen? Or maybe your stomach begins to turn after you make a decision that you’re not comfortable with… I’m referring to that ‘gut’ feeling. The ability to listen to our bodies and feelings can be a learned behavior; following our inner voice and trusting it usually leads to a more satisfying life, according to psychologists today. In fact, your inner voice is sometimes referred to as an unconscious reasoning within ourselves, and if we listen closely to it…it can lead us in a more positive direction. These feelings come from past life experiences, or lack of, which help us to reconnect with our deepest emotions in order to make better choices; being mindful can help boost your intuition while building on more self-knowledge.

The definition of intuition is a direct perception of fact, truth, etc…, independent of any reasoning process; immediate apprehension; a keen and quick insight. Many times you will hear someone say “I’ll follow my heart when making the decision” when in reality it’s intuition that’s being heard within. Some people think of it as spiritual or a magical phenomenon, but we must realize we all have great powers when it comes to the mind, yet most of us will never use its fullest potential.

Think back to a decision you might have made in the past that you wished you hadn’t. Take the time to explore ‘why’ you made that decision and ‘how’ you were feeling about it. I can think of one which I regret, and I know that I didn’t listen to that little voice (more like nudging or nagging in my gut), and afterwards things spiraled down from there. The example being; I didn’t listen closely enough to what my body and mind were feeling at that very moment, which caused me to make the latter of decisions…basically speaking… not the right one. I knew it didn’t feel right, but yet I continued. Why do we continue then to make the wrong choice? I wished I knew, but what I’ve learned from that… is to follow my instincts more closely. I’ll pay attention to how my body is reacting. They always say, “If it doesn’t feel right, then stop proceeding and think it through.” If we take the time to be more mindful of ourselves, we have the power to change our course in life, no matter how old we are. Making quick and indecisive decisions can cost us our happiness, not to mention our success in life. The power to believe lies within us all; it’s just that most of us will never use our maximum potential when it comes to the mind. We shuffle through life so fast at times, it’s like forgetting to sit back and breathe for a few minutes…you know the saying, “take time to smell the roses.” So listen to your inner voice, trust your gut and watch your life change; it’s never too late to change your course in life, because let’s face it, we all want to be happy.

Make your week count.