Summertime is upon us, and like many people… it brings a sense of adventure to this season. Our minds begin to wander and the thought of taking a road trip sounds inviting, but the finances might not allow it; “So is it possible to go somewhere on a budget?” I believe with careful planning it can be done.

The first website I’m going to share is especially great for anyone traveling solo; . This site has been utilized by many singles, and has broadened the circle of new friendships from all over the map. There are all ages of people opening up their homes with a room for you to bunk, or just to embrace some new conversation out on the town with someone. I found it very interesting, and would consider using this close to home first, just to get an idea before leaving on an open road so-to-speak. Another similar site is . It’s similar in the way of finding a place other than a hotel, which is pricey this time of year; however it’s using someone’s entire apartment or house for a short period of time, if not just for one night. The couch surfer offers you a room free of charge, providing you and your host has agreed upon your stay. I’ve read some excellent reviews for both sites, but it seems like many people actually make new friends by using couch surfer; having a ‘true to you’ profile can help meet the right person with similar interests, while discovering a whole new world.

If you’re looking to travel locally, just to spend a night or two, I suggest weekdays over weekends of course. I’ve had great luck with . Hotels can be a deal here, but sometimes if you’re an award member (with hotel), they can offer upgrades to enhance your experience; dealing directly with that hotel. I’ve rented cars with hotwire for just $15.00 a day. Last minute deals are usually good; I needed a vehicle within two hours and what I received was a new ford explorer! Best deal ever from hotwire. I also recommend using AAA. Being a member over 20 years has been a blessing in many ways, but their triptiks will enlighten you as to where road construction could be a problem along with closures.

When planning for your food along your journey, stopping at local grocers and stations can offer deli sandwiches or the fixings to make several of your own. It’s healthier …though not always cheaper when you consider dollar menus at McDonalds. Taking a cooler with you is must have item, so you remain hydrated and feeling well while traveling. You can also store any medications you must have as well. Stores such as The Dollar Tree have a variety of food items, including cheap utensils, plates and paper products; just about anything you need for traveling. Budgeting for an unplanned get-away should be relatively inexpensive, as long as you are an informed traveler. Finding free Wi-Fi is also easier today, beginning with fast food restaurants to truck stops and even the local libraries. Access is important, as it can help locate places of interest, lodging and any other pertinent information one needs. However you look at it today, traveling is something most people enjoy, including me. It’s what we need to know before we hit the open road that is important… in order to keep ourselves safe. Hopefully you find the vacation that fits your budget, and don’t forget to check out the couch surfers’ website, especially for those solo travelers. Another quick mention here for those singles, you might try in an area you’d like to visit; “what do you have to lose?” May you stay safe and enjoy your travels!

Make your week count.