Dog Park Unleashed?
In my opinion the neighborhood has been unleashed, not dogs. Redd Hills Park has been enjoyed by dog owners and their pets from the surrounding neighborhoods and areas of Mesquite for many years.
The recent opposition for the City’s proposal of a beautifully designed dog park makes my heart sad. Arguments for the opponents of the dog park state that, “a small group of selfish people (about 10) who do not want to comply with the leash ordinance are trying to get the City to modify the park for their own convenience without regard for the people who live and own homes in the area. These people violate the ordinance daily.”
I am one of the 10, not selfish people, who has great respect for the neighborhood. Our group has several members from the adjacent areas. We comply with the leash laws of our city on a daily basis. We are responsible dog owner citizens. Yet, on almost a daily basis, animal control has been called on us for dogs not on leashes. These have been false reports. No citations have yet been given to us.
We were told by this malicious group that we are not welcome at the park and “animal control would be called every day until we didn’t come anymore,”  “you are not welcome here,” “this is our park go use another,” and “cheese and rat poison are effective.”
Research shows that property values near dog parks increases, sometimes significantly. Dog park neighborhoods increase the livability of a city and provide for a better sense of community. The more variety of parks a city has, the higher its property values tend to be. Moreover, research shows a great reduction in crime in neighborhoods with dog parks.” (Barco)
Park neighbors do not always support the development of OLAs (off leash areas) but OLAs can increase property values.”
It doesn’t matter where we live in this city, we should be allowed to enjoy a public park of our choosing as long as we are responsible citizens. In my opinion it is not ok to bully any responsible dog owner just because they visit a dog friendly city park in your area.

Rosalyn Coldiron

Mesquite, NV