England rejected the Global World Order this past week, a sign of the times that people want to protect their country’s identity. They don’t want to become part of the progressive’s vision for the future. They may accept change but they want it slowly and in an orderly fashion.

Progressives believe we should become part of the world and abandon boarders giving up all traditions like religion, national identity, and individual freedoms for the greater good. They believe that we here in America, should allow unlimited immigration and dissolution of our culture. We can see the effects of such thinking in our neighboring state where there has been an unlimited immigration.

Integration into American culture has all but stopped for many of the new comers; they don’t speak English, march around with their own countries flags and attack police. Some of these people don’t work, but instead rely on government subsidies or become involved in crime. Yes, there are many, many hard working immigrants but a large number are trying to change America to resemble their home country.

The immigrants from the Middle East want to install their culture here, yet they are here for the most part because of their home culture. Earlier we had immigrants from all over but they had to assimilate into our country and learn our language which is English. Yet today our government has made it too easy to do everything in our society without having to assimilate or learn English by printing government publications in many languages.

All kinds of crazy accommodations are being made for religious demands like covering up a face for driver licenses, not serving pork and prayer rooms. Yes, some of the traditions from other cultures will be integrated into our American culture but don’t demand it and we should not cave-in to them.

Here all people have the right to believe as they wish but not to force their demands on the rest of us. The current government policy of accepting anybody who crosses the border or claims to be a refugee is wrong and dangerous. By circumventing our normal immigration process they are cutting in line in front of those who have done it legally through the proper process.  This process ensures we are only allowing in those with the skills, desire to become an American, the means to be able to support themselves and their families verses criminals, those whom wish to inflict harm, or who will be a drain on our limited resources.  As anyone knows, a culture can be overwhelmed, just look at the American Indians.

Some reasonable controls need to be applied; but not unlimited immigration if we want to preserve America as we know it. Some will say it should be open to all and do away with controls (Obama and Clinton), others say let’s get a handle on these immigration issues before we are overwhelmed.

So, America is at a crossroads, As Robert Frost wrote, “Two roads diverge into a yellow wood, and sorry I could not travel both”, which one do we chose? Very soon the two roads will diverge and it will be a time to choose, Progressive and social change vs: Capitalism based on the principle of individual rights. We must choose very carefully as the America as we know it, will be in the voters hands.

– Mike Young is a retired water and power executive who resides in Mesquite. Graduated from the University of La Verne he has taught communications skills and technical subjects throughout the Western Hemisphere. In addition to writing and editing technical manuals, he has a book titled “Speaking for Effect”. He has received some of the highest awards and recognition from both professional and public organizations.