The Mesquite City Council made its move at the June 15 meeting to break ties with Pool Pact, its current insurance provider through The Valley Leavitt Group, and instead go with Kaercher Insurance out of Las Vegas under Travelers Insurance coverage, saving the city an estimated $337,000 each year.

“Overall we believe Kaercher/Travelers Insurance provided the most comprehensive proposal with the greatest savings to the city,” said City Manager Andy Barton. He also noted that while there were some services and grants offered through Pool Pact that weren’t available through Travelers, the savings realized from switching carriers would more than make up for it.

“It’s time for a change,” said Councilman George Rapson. “I will caution, however, on the worker’s comp piece. I know we can’t guarantee rates, but If this starts creeping, this will go to bid again. I have no problem doing this every year, it doesn’t bother me.”

Councilman Rich Green inquired on what would happen with the current claims in process already with Pool Pact. City Attorney Bob Sweetin noted that Pool Pact will keep the claims and complete them. One of them has been in process for several years and the other involves Highland Estates. The city will be covered under Pool Pact for those until they have been resolved. The approval for the change of insurance coverage passed with a 5-0 vote.

Other business in the meeting included approval of access issues and options proposed by the Virgin Valley Water District when relocating a well near Oasis and Pioneer Boulevards; approval of bid award to Trade West Construction for an amount not to exceed $380,000 for sediment removal in the Town Wash Detention Basin from storms in 2014; approval of a five percent pay increase as contracted to City Attorney Bob Sweetin; and a 4-1 approval of changes to the hours of operation for Deep Roots Medical Dispensary and reduction of their required retention for security video. Councilman Kraig Hafen was the lone nay vote on the item.

The council will continue with meetings with their normal Tech Review at 1:30 p.m. on June 21 for items on the June 28 agenda as well as a special meeting on Wednesday, June 22 at 5 p.m. to review canvas results from the June 14 Primary Elections. Both meetings will be held upstairs at Mesquite City Hall, 10 E. Mesquite Blvd.