By Mike Young

The politicos will begin the spin and try to frame the Orlando agedy in a way that suits their agenda. The facts are just starting to come in but the perpetrator has been identified as a terrorist and an attack by a Muslim against a gay club, which left around 50 dead.

President Obama described the attack as “an act of terror” and “an act of hate” and said the FBI was investigating it as an act of terrorism. Of course he left out “Islamic” so he still can’t say the words “an act of Islamic Terror”. Makes you wonder what he is trying to hide, whatever it is, no one is fooled, we all know what it is “Islamic Terror”.

The war between Christians and the Islamic world has been going on for hundreds of years; before the Barbary Pirates, before the Crusades, back to the fall of Jerusalem in 636 where it all started. Even some of the basic tenants of Islam urge the followers to actual physical conquest and the defeat of Christian religions. So for 1400 years or so we have been in conflict with the forces of the Muslim world. First just in the Middle East then Europe and now it has come to us here in America.

It has come at a major time where we are struggling with our role in world politics so this is a particularly volatile moment in US policy. Since this is an election year, this will be a big issue as it should be. In comments after the massacre occurred, the Democratic frontrunner, Hillary Clinton, was the most measured. “As we wait for more information,” she tweeted, “my thoughts are with those affected by this horrific act” following Obama’s lead by not say the hidden word.

Her challenger, Bernie Sanders, emphasized gun control. “We have got to do everything that we can … to make sure that guns do not fall into the hands of those who should not have them: criminals, people who are mentally ill. So that struggle continues.” Unfortunately, for gun control advocates the shooter had a permit to carry from his work in which he was a security guard.

Only minutes before Obama spoke, Donald Trump, tweeted: “Is President Obama going to finally mention the words radical Islamic terrorism? If he doesn’t he should immediately resign in disgrace!” No question who he thinks is responsible.

The array of initial reactions illustrates just how different our political response has become. Those that gun control will solve everything, yet history has shown that you can’t control the criminals getting guns, the only one you control is the law abider who then must wait for help when attacked and that usually is too late. Just look at the current situation with people wounded, bleeding and police end it after 3 hours, makes you wonder how many bleed to death waiting for help.

The liberals call for gun control but what about a call for universal ability to carry laws. Think about the situation, you are huddled in the bathroom with the perpetrator; you have a 45 licensed carry weapon, or you have nothing but your cell phone. Your choice is to call or fight back, you decide.

Mike Young is a retired water and power executive who resides in Mesquite. Graduated from the University of La Verne he has taught communications skills and technical subjects throughout the Western Hemisphere. In addition to writing and editing technical manuals, he has a book titled “Speaking for Effect”. He has received some of the highest awards and recognition from both professional and public organizations. He also serves as Mesquite’s representative on the Overton Power District board of trustees where he servers as Secretary /Treasurer.