Dear Editor,
Mesquite is a great place to live with very caring and wonderful people!  Today when the temperature hit 109 my car decided to act up.  I was turning left into a subdivision and the car stalled with my car half in the subdivision and half out on the other road.  My car wouldn’t start.  A teacher, Natalie, from our middle school was driving by and noticed my car. She turned around, parked and came to ask if I needed help. 

After explaining to her the car wouldn’t start, she said to put it in neutral and she would push it out of the way. As she started pushing, a Reliance Connects worker pulled over and said he would help push.  They got my car inside the subdivision.  I said I was calling my husband for help.  They left with my abundance of thank yous. 

I sat in the car waiting for my husband when I looked and here came the Reliance Connects worker with a cold bottle of water and an offer to sit in his van until my husband arrived.  Now let me tell you, there aren’t too many places in this world you will find kind and gracious and very helpful people with no reward in mind.   

Thank you again for the help and know I will tell others what fantastic people live in Mesquite!!

Sharon Szarzi

Mesquite, NV