June has just begun, but the heat has already arrived with the National Weather Service out of Las Vegas issuing an excessive heat warning for June 3, 4 and 5.

Forecast details project that temperatures will reach upwards of 105 to 110 in Las Vegas and Northeast Clark County with even higher temps in the Colorado River Valley and Death Valley.

According to the warning, a high pressure system will be building overhead and is a high risk situation as school ends and families take to the outdoors. “Temperatures have been below normal for the second half of May and people may not be acclimated to the heat yet,” the report said.

Tips on dealing with excessive heat is to be sure to drink more non-alcoholic fluids regardless of activity level. Water, sports drinks and the like are helpful in preventing dehydration. Also, if activities result in lots of exposure to the sun, be sure to use adequate sunscreen to prevent burns and accelerated dehydration.

For more tips on preventing illness and effects from excessive heat warnings, go to http://emergency.cdc.gov/disasters/extreme heat/heattips.asp.