Many calls that the Police Department receives are not always included in the blotter, as they are under investigation or a synopsis is not received. To show the amount of work our PD does do, we are including a weekly roster of stats. This week, there were 138 total incidents in the blotter:

Abuse/Neglect 1
Agency Assistance 3
Alarm 12
Animal complaint 1
Animal Noise 3
Attempt to Locate 1
Back Ground Investigation 1
Battery on Person 1
Citizen Assist 8
Controlled Substance Problem 1
Disorderly Conduct IP 2
Dispatch (no- LEO) Incident 1
Domestic Trouble 3
Driving Under the Influence 1
Fighting IP 1
Found Property 4
Fraud 1
Graffiti 1
Identification Check 1
Juvenile Problem 1
Lost Property 1
Miscellaneous CAD Call Record 4
Missing Person 1
Noise Disturbance 2
Person On Foot 6
Reckless Driver 1
Robbery Alarm 2
Sex Offender Verification 3
Stolen Vehicle 1
Suspicious Person/Circumstance 13
Suspicious/Vehicle 7
Theft 3
Theft from Vehicle 1
Threatening 2
TPO/Restraining Order/Subpoena 2
Traffic Accident w/ Damage 1
Traffic accident W/O injury 5
Traffic Problem 6
Traffic Stop 1
Transient Assistance 1
Transport 1
Trespassing IP 3
Unknown Problem 1
Vandalism 1
Verbal Dispute IP 1
VIN Number Inspection 5
Wanted Person 1
Welfare Check 5
May 2:
Found Property:  Officer received two cell phones which were found at the Mesquite Municipal Court.  Officer placed phones in evidence for safe keeping until claimed by the owners.
Domestic Trouble:  Officers responded to a Sage Way residence on a reported property damage, upon
further investigation it was determined a domestic dispute had occurred.
Abuse/Neglect:  An officer took a telephone report concerning the possibility of abuse. Information was received and is under investigation.
Fraud:  Officer responded to a Bertha Howe Ave. medical clinic regarding a possible unauthorized computer access.  Officer obtained all information and the case will be forwarded to detectives.
Theft from Vehicle:  An officer responded to the lobby of the Mesquite Police Department on a report of theft.  Officer obtained all information from the victim and the report will forward to detectives.
Found Property:  An officer responded to the lobby in reference to a found child’s purse.

May 3:

Theft:  Officers responded to a Grapevine Rd. residence regarding a theft of property.  Upon
further investigation it was determined by officers that no crime had occurred.
Threatening:  Officers responded to a Grapevine Rd. apartment complex in reference to a disorderly female.  After making contact and an investigation the female was taken into custody.
Threatening:  An officer responded to a Palmer Ln. residence and took a report of verbal threats. Information was received and report completed.
Wanted Person:  Detectives made contact with a female and it was determined she had a felony warrant out of Washington County, Utah. Female was taken into custody without incident.
Theft:  Officer responded to a report of property taken from a vehicle at a West Pioneer Boulevard business. A written statement was gathered and the investigation is ongoing.

May 4:
Found Property:  Officer placed found property into safe keeping.
Traffic accident W/O injury:  Officer responded to a vehicle that backed into a building on N. Sandhill Blvd. A report was taken.
Trespassing IP:  Officers responded to a casino reference an offender they wanted to trespass. The offender refused to leave property after being read the trespass warning and was arrested.
Lost Property:  Police took a report for lost property.

May 5:
Unknown Problem:  Officers responded to a motel on West Mesquite Boulevard for a 911 call. Upon further investigation an adult female was arrested for obstructing a police officer.
Miscellaneous CAD Call Record:  Police responded to an injured person. A report was taken.
Suspicious Person/Circumstance:  Police took a report for found property.
Traffic accident W/O injury:  Officers responded on a three vehicle accident on Pulsipher Ln and West Mesquite Boulevard with injuries. None of the parties claiming injuries wanted to be seen or transported by medical.
Theft:  An officer was dispatched to a Burns Ln. residence in reference to a theft. A report was completed and the investigation is ongoing.
Disorderly Conduct IP:  An officer was dispatched to a Mesquite Springs Dr. address in reference to a couple being disorderly.  An adult male subject was taken into custody for two misdemeanor warrants out of the Mesquite Municipal Court.

May 6:

Vandalism:  Police took a report for vandalism to several residential fences on Condor St. and Hawk St.
Traffic accident W/O injury:  Police responded to a non-injury traffic accident on Sandhill Blvd. One adult male was issued a citation and released.
Found Property:  A citizen turned in a found wallet that was later placed into safekeeping.
Traffic accident W/O injury:  An officer was in the parking lot of a North Sandhill Boulevard and E. Old Mill Rd. convenience store, when a two vehicle traffic accident occurred at a nearby intersection.  There were no injuries in the accident.  An accident investigation was completed.
Graffiti:  Officers responded to graffiti on a fence and wall on Second South St.  The graffiti was documented and a report taken.
Battery on Person:  Officers responded to a West Mesquite Boulevard casino reference a battery between two adult males.  One male had fled before police arrival, the other male requested a citation for battery be issued. The investigation is ongoing.
Noise Disturbance:  Officer responded to a Mesa Boulevard residence reference a noise complaint. The witness signed a complaint.
Traffic Stop:  Officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for a moving violation on Hillside Dr. and North Sandhill Boulevard. One adult male passenger of the vehicle was issued a citation for open container of alcohol, and one adult male passenger was arrested for an active warrant.

May 7:

Domestic Trouble:  Officers responded to a domestic battery on East Pioneer Boulevard.  Upon arrival officers located an adult female with minor injuries and the adult male had fled the scene before police arrived.  The investigation continues.
Stolen Vehicle:  Officers responded to an East Mesquite Boulevard residence reference a stolen vehicle.  Officers located and recovered the vehicle within minutes.
Missing Person:  An officer was dispatched to a local residence in reference to a missing juvenile.  The juvenile was entered into NCIC as a missing person/runaway juvenile.
Fighting IP: Officers responded to a fight in progress. Contact was made with several persons involved and one adult male was arrested for an active warrant.