Why are so many people seeking fame these days? Is it the cash, or maybe something a bit more? Whatever the need is… beware of ‘haters’ and don’t expect it to bring you instant happiness; you better be prepared to take the bad with the good. We live in a society where the young feel privileged while others become self-absorbed in their own pursuit of fame. They work hard at creating videos, with the hopes of it going viral. A leading example… something I saw in a McDonalds last week; a mother having breakfast with her 4 year old, holds her phone in front of the child and tells him to sing ‘the’ song (he’s familiar with) and be silly, so she can shoot the video and put it on social media. Once the child finished, the 4 year old continued to act silly with a smile while asking her if she’s sure she got it on Facebook. “So this is what the world has come to?” Everyone wants their two minutes of fame, no matter the age or gender… it’s clearly about the recognition they want from others.

How did we get this way? Years ago it was about real talent; don’t get me wrong… there are those that have real talent; they’re not necessarily looking for their success online. Some of them still do it the old-fashioned way, through practice, auditions, talent scouts, and hard work. However, today there is so much reality television, that I believe it has warped the minds of many. Have you ever watched a special program or an awards show and wondered ‘why’ you have never heard of some of these singers or talents? I started to browse online, and that’s exactly where some of them came from, the internet. Most have videos of some sort, which went viral, catapulting them into instant fame. Kids and adults are savvy with the internet, and easy to find websites that guide them into launching themselves or others to stardom… www.shouldbefamous.net . There are plenty of tips provided for the ‘wannabe’s’, but beware. You don’t always hear upfront about the bad things that happen to some of them. One must remember, there are always two sides to every story. Sometimes people see only what they want to see, not knowing all of the facts can be misleading. Wealth can be seductive to those who want it so badly, opening doors to criticism and sometimes failure. The media can create an absolute frenzy, digging up personal information and throwing it all out there for the world to see. It becomes a breeding ground for paparazzi, gold diggers and even more critics. Competition becomes fierce, and before you know it… self-doubt can be the beginning of the end, landing you in addictions of sorts. In the beginning it all looked like a great idea, this road to fame and fortune. But it comes with a price, possibly leading one into a self-destructive pattern.

It is true that we live with many Narcissistic behavioral beings today, and that’s a problem. A feeling of entitlement by the younger generation creates a certain animosity among the elders. The older generation had to work for everything, whether it was a talent they wanted to pursue or a specific trade they wanted to learn. They had to work diligently in order to be successful, earning the respect of their peers. Today, it’s a much different world. All I know is this; I’m proud to be a 70’s child… life was simpler and without all of the gadgets. We laughed more often, played outside and respected our elders; for this I am grateful.

Make your week count.