By Susan Mongalier


Susan-4-14-16Last year, was my first year attending and volunteering at the Relay for Life. I was prompted to join the Wolf Gang, as I work at Wolf Creek, and I am a breast cancer survivor. I helped out with the fund-raising and decorating luminaria bags that were sold through our team. This year when I went to the first meeting, there was no one to Chair the Luminaria Committee, so I accepted the position.

Chairing the Luminaria Committee would be the best part of the Relay for me as that is my favorite part of the two-day event. I recall walking with my daughter last year with tears in our eyes, as we passed others sitting or standing near a bag or bags they had lit for someone they cared about that was touched by cancer.

I Relay because we need research to help all of us get through and eventually beat this dreadful disease. We are so fortunate in Mesquite, we also have the Mesquite Cancer Society that we can turn to for information and the comfort of others locally to share our concerns and questions. The Mesquite Cancer Society has many brochures, books and videos that are invaluable to those with so many questions.

Most of us have lost a family member, friend or acquaintance because of cancer. We have the ability, if not the duty, to do what we can to help those dealing with the effects of this disease and those who are trying to find the key to bring cancer to an end. The answer is out there somewhere.

I always went for my annual gynecological visits and had my mammograms but my type of breast cancer was not found during either. Thank goodness for the Radiologist who questioned my previous mammogram and did the ultrasound, then the biopsy. The next day, I received my diagnosis; invasive lobular carcinoma.

I walk in gratitude for every day since my diagnosis, in thankfulness for my life and for those who can’t walk for themselves.