Facial_croppedIf I say Spa Treatments, I bet your mind goes automatically to: relaxation and indulgence.  You are right on the money, but those are only a couple of the benefits.  The real big benefit is to your overall physical health.   

Let’s start by looking at massage treatments.  Massage has many medically proven health benefits, the biggest one being the improvement of your lymphatic and cardiovascular system.  These two systems work in tandem to detox your body.  Massage stimulates the flow of blood and lymph vessels which in turn increases your circulation.  Head massages are greatly beneficial to anyone suffering from headaches, sinus problems and insomnia; again, it goes back to improving circulation in a problematic area.  

Now let’s look at facials.  Younger, fresher skin is usually the goal, but the health benefits shouldn’t be over looked.  Facials help in the detoxification process.  Just like body and head massages, facials also stimulate your lymphatic system and help improve circulation.  This helps in removing toxins in your skin that cause puffiness and fluid accumulation.  Perhaps the biggest benefit of a regular facial is having a professional assess your skin regularly to identify potentially serious issues.  

Massage_FotorDon’t forget your feet!  That’s right, even a pedicure comes with health benefits.  The number one benefit is… you got it, improved circulation!  Having your feet soaked and massaged helps improve the circulation in your feet and calves.  Cleaning, clipping and shaping toenails regularly helps to prevent ingrown toenails and nail disease. 

 Carry on your wellness journey at home with natural bath and body products.  We carry a large selection of Farm House Fresh products for you to choose from.  Don’t forget your mental health!  Pick up a Dammit Doll to help you release your everyday stress with a healthy dose of fun! 

Look fabulous, feel relaxed and know that you are giving your body the boost it needs to spring clean itself. Book a spa day and reap the benefits of body/mind/spirit balance.  

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