The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) chalks it up to an extra day in February that helped push visitor counts higher than last year. That may hold for hotels and casinos in the Las Vegas metropolitan area, but Mesquite’s visitor volume had double digit growth even without the aid of leap year.

Compared to February 2015 when 96,810 people stopped in town, this year saw 110,561 visitors in Mesquite for a 14.2 percent rise. You have to go back to 2008 to see the six-figure hurdle cleared this early in the year. That’s when Mesquite had a thousand more hotel rooms than it does now.

The positive news doesn’t stop there as all categories of the LVCVA visitor report showed increases in a year-to-year comparison.

Total occupancy of hotel rooms increased to 81 percent. That’s a 4.2 percent rise over last year’s rate. Average daily room rate rose 1.6 percent to $61.60 from last year’s $60.65. Total room nights occupied jumped 7.7 percent to 40,265 from February 2015’s 37,380.

The all-important revenue per available room (RevPAR) also jumped 7.1 percent to $49.96 from $46.64 last year.

RevPAR is calculated by taking the total revenue for the month and dividing by the number of rooms rented for the month. It measures revenue from hotel room rates only and does not include other sources of revenue like alcohol or gaming. It’s commonly used in the hospitality industry to measure the financial performance of and health among hotel operators.

Gross gaming revenues in Mesquite bounced back from negative increases at the end of last year to a 5 percent increase in February. Gaming outlets took in $10.909 million for a $515,000 rise compared to February 2015.

Average daily auto traffic on I-15 at the Nevada Arizona border increased 3.3 percent to 22,746 vehicles each day. That continues a 16-month rise in the number of vehicles traveling through Mesquite each day.

Laughlin had a mixed bag of positive and negative indicators in its February LVCVA report. Visitor volume increased 3.4 percent and total room nights occupied also rose 4.9 percent. However, total occupancy dropped 0.3 percent, average daily room rate decreased 0.4 percent, and RevPAR fell 0.8 percent to $28.99.

Gross gaming revenues in Mesquite’s sister city on the river increased 0.8 percent to $43.350 million and average daily auto traffic rose 1.7 percent. Airplane passengers dropped 3.5 percent.

Clark County gaming revenues jumped 8.3 percent. Of that, the Las Vegas Strip attributed a 7.3 percent increase, downtown Las Vegas had a 17 percent jump, and the Boulder Strip kicked in a 10.4 percent rise.

Visitor volumes for Las Vegas rose 5.3 percent to just over 3.3 million. Average daily auto traffic on all major highways leading into Nevada increased 1.6 percent to 101,094 vehicles.