Mesquite Merchants Mens League

Top team of the week was Oasis Chiropractic winning 15.5 points led by Gene Peters’ and Maury Hardman against Freelancers with average team bowling.  Smith Financial Group and Mitchell Farmers Insurance won 15 points with good bowling by Carl Larsen, and Doug Love.  Intermountain Golf Cars & Mesquite Lock Doc both only won 5 points with highs by Bob Hughes and Russell Love.  A Valley Engineers won 14.5 points paced by Jake Swingler and Gary Hathaway from Foot and Ankle with 5.5 wins with highs by Cliff Hennebry and Bob Monson Jr.

Then we have two teams winning 14 points Guns & Guitars and City Shoppes with highs by Ray Rodgers, Michael Drieling and Gary Furrer.  Beaver Dam Station and Falcon Ridge Dental won 6 points with about team average bowling.  Mesquite Chiropractic and H & R Block won 13 points paced by Steve Ginther and Jan Kusy, Darwin Wimer and Ric Ashdown.  Colonial Management and Master Villas Resort won 7 points with highs by Michael Rossi and Paul Levan, Jeff Jacobson and Bob Monson Sr.  Bank of Nevada won 12 points led by Joe Keim and David Guckenburg bowling against All Pro Real Estate with 8 points with highs by James Dye and Don Clark.

Then we have four teams splitting 10 and 10 Simplot Silica Sand vs Star Nursery with highs by Richard Gesick, Bill Funk and Tom Bullard.  Maves Construction vs Mesquite Elks Lodge with good bowling by Willie Theis, Mark Brackelsberg, Arlie Griffith and Don Lauer.