Chamber-3-9-16-2The College of Southern Nevada (CSN) offered several support services for Mesquite businesses at the monthly Mesquite Chamber of Commerce luncheon on March 9. The event, which was held at the Eureka Resort and Casino, featured presentations by Melissa Schroeder who is the business services coordinator for CSN and Dan Gouker, a senior associate vice president.

Schroeder said that CSN was prepared to assist businesses with training opportunities by saying, “We have been working with George Gault and Mesquite Regional Business to provide training to a new RV business.” Gault has credited CSN’s offer of training for the new RV warranty repair business as key in attracting the company to Mesquite.

“We have actually gone into a business and evaluated what the business needs and provided training specifically for that company,” said Schroeder. She noted that CSN has a great deal of experience working with companies in southern Nevada and hoped to “extend those services to Mesquite as well.”

Schroeder related her experiences working with hotels on the Las Vegas strip that had a problem with employees for whom English was a second language who “would turn their head and not help guests with questions because of their lack of language skills.” Schroeder said that after CSN provided training “they were able to help guests without feeling embarrassed.”

Gouker reviewed the basic problems that many businesses face and offered several suggestions on how to face the issues in a way that can improve business success.

The local CSN representative, Darlene Montague can be reached at 702-346-2485.