On March 6 at about 3 p.m. Mesquite experienced a city-wide power outage which unfortunately kept some residents without power until as late as 8:30 a.m March 7. The Mesquite Police Department has emergency protocols and redundancies in place to ensure we can continue to provide emergency services and public safety to our community during major incidents like this. Our 911 emergency communications center, police department, and detention center were able to stay open and fully functional.

While the city was without power, our 911 communications center received 368 calls for service. Although this is a much higher call volume than usual, we were able to answer and field every call we received. We would like to take an opportunity to remind our community to reserve the emergency 911 lines for emergency situations which require immediate attention from emergency responders. For all other non-emergency matters we request our community call our regular contact phone number at (702)346-5262. If it is information you are seeking, we urge the community to follow our Facebook and Twitter social media feeds instead of calling our communications center.

The police department understands it is necessary to get as much information out to the public as possible and in the quickest manner. We invite everyone to become members of the Mesquite Police Department’s Facebook page and our twitter account at MesquiteNV_PD. When a major incident is underway, we will work hard to continually update the police department’s social media pages. If you do not know about “Tweeting” as is it called, there is a YouTube video link on the department’s Facebook page on how to follow the department’s MesquiteNV_PD Twitter account.

Chief Troy Tanner commented on the city-wide power outage saying, “I want our community to know we take public safety seriously and Sunday night we worked hard to make sure our residential neighborhoods and local businesses were constantly being monitored and checked throughout the night. We also ensured each of our busy intersections had adequate traffic control. I would like to urge citizens that if possible, try and stay home during flooding situations and power outages. This would help relieve traffic congestion, not put as much work on our limited manpower and allow officers to be available for emergencies.”

Chief Tanner added; “We live in a wonderful city where all the various city departments came together Sunday night and worked hand-in-hand to ensure all city services were still functioning. I would especially like to thank our police employees, police volunteers, the public works department, IT department, and the fire department for going above what is usually required of them to keep city infrastructure and the public’s safety their highest priority.”