John Kasich’s’ home town, McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, had a population of nearly 16,241 when he grew up there in the 1950s. At age 26, he was the youngest person ever elected to the Ohio Senate. In Congress, he served on the Armed Services Committee for 18 years and was the chief architect of the Balanced Budget Act of 1997, where he served as Chairman of the House Budget Committee. He is the most prepared American to be the next Commander in Chief.

My name is David O. McKeon.   I served Nevada republicans as chairman of the Clark County Republican Party from 2013 to 2015. My wife and I would visit Mesquite to meet the Mesquite Republican Women club members and attended a lively town hall event organized by the club for the community. During the town hall, the frustrations and disappointments were expressed by the people of Mesquite to their elected representatives.

Then John Kasich came to town.

When the Ohio Governor visited Clark County, I took responsibility to organize a meet and greet at the Clark County Republican Party office. We filled the room beyond capacity and witnessed a leader that was candid and to the point.

Governor Kasich told us we may not like his answers. He wasn’t going to make over-the-top promises he knew couldn’t be realized. He reminded the people in the room we continue to hear promises of limited government from republican leaders but we live with the opposite result after elections. Those comments reminded me of the town hall experience I witnessed in Mesquite. John Kasich was correct in his assessment of the problem.

Then he revealed his solutions to get America on the right track by living within a balanced budget. His plan for America can be found at his website Having read it myself, I know he can reign in government spending.

He is the only candidate that has restrained federal and state spending addictions by requiring government to live within a budget. Since man walked on the moon, the only time the federal government has lived within a balanced budget was under his leadership as House Budget Committee Chairman in 1997. When he was elected Governor of Ohio in 2010, the state was facing an $8 billion budget shortfall and had just 89 cents in the state’s “rainy day” fund. This led Ohio’s credit at risk of being downgraded.

Now, in 2016, Ohio is on the right track. Governor John Kasich took the largest deficit in that state’s history and turned it into a $2 billion surplus without raising taxes. In fact, he cut $5 billion in taxes.

Because of his actions, the people are working again in Ohio and prospering. Ohio was 48th in the nation for job creation and had lost more than 350,000 private sector jobs when he took office. The state was on life support. Today, the private sector in Ohio has created more than 400,000 private sector jobs and Ohio’s credit outlook has improved.

He accomplished this result by making tough decisions and cut government spending. He did what was right even though it wasn’t popular. He privatized economic development by creating JobsOhio. He improved Ohio’s workforce system to get job creators the skilled workers they need and passed education reforms to prepare children for future success.

Our federal government deficit spending has exploded under President Obama and our nations credit has been downgraded.

Our national debt threatens our national security.

I have confidence in Governor John Kasich to restrain government spending to restore our nations prosperity and security.

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I am voting for John Kasich.

I invite you to do the same.

David O. McKeon

Las Vegas, NV