Rose Growing Zeleniak 10-14-15 1Dave Zeleniak is a physically active man of 58. He works out several hours every day. He nurtures an incredibly beautiful rose garden. He enjoys the life Sun City and Mesquite have to offer, and he is paralyzed from his waist down.

On Tuesday, February 23, Zeleniak will present “Transformation,” at the Grand Canyon Ballroom of the Eureka Casino Resort, 275 Mesa Blvd, Mesquite, Nevada. Zeleniak will tell his story and give first-hand views on dealing with life-changing physical, mental and emotional circumstances.   He wants to share his experience with those who face life-altering conditions in themselves or a loved one, and those who wish to find help and personal strength to meet both everyday challenges and life’s crises.

Zeleniak, formerly a corporate CFO in the technology industry, worked to attain goals of perfection in manufacturing highly complex electronics. His professional life came to an end with his paralysis. He recounts, “When a necessary, but risky, back surgery unexpectedly paralyzed me at age 50, I faced a negative life change that seemed hopeless, overwhelming at times, and increasingly frustrating and useless to battle. That was 8 years ago and after many physical, mental and emotional roller coaster rides, I have reached a life position of humble, passionate accomplishment as a paraplegic.“

He continues, “Many people come in contact with me on a daily basis and have seen my personal transformation over the last 8 years. They are desirous to learn what drove me to change and how I embrace that passion every day. I want to share what I’ve learned through the ultimate ‘school of hard knocks’ and help others with my story.”

The public is cordially invited to hear Mr. Zeleniak at noon, February 23. The Eureka sponsors this seminar, with a light lunch served. Attendees will receive an informational packet on his one-hour presentation, and are welcomed to join in Q and A afterward. 

Through sponsorship of such programs and events, Eureka Community Initiative (ECI) aims to promote quality of life and quality of community, showing Mesquite at its best.