connie1Connie Foust, Mesquite resident, will hold a public announcement of her candidacy for Assembly District 19 on Friday, Jan. 29, from 3 to 5 p.m. at the Oasis Club House, 851 Pinnacle Court. The public is invited to attend.

In announcing her run for the office that represents Mesquite in the Nevada State Assembly, she said, “In 2014, many of our elected Republicans ran on promises to not raise taxes.  Unfortunately, during the 2015 legislative session, many of these same Republicans did just the opposite and voted to raise our taxes.”

Foust said she made the decision to run after seeing so many of them, including the AD19 Assemblyman, break their promises.  According to Foust “It is time to elect an assembly representative that actually listens to the voters.  If over 80% of the voters in AD19 said ‘no’ to new taxes, as they did in November 2014, then one would think they do not want any new taxes. Voting in favor of 26 out of 32 tax bills is not listening to the voice of the voters in our district.  If we want things to change for the better, public servants need to go back to the basics of actually serving the people they represent.”
Foust says her platform is based on the values and principles of the majority of voters in AD19.  She said she had already commissioned several different polls since the Legislative session ended last June to see what her voters support.  Based on the results, her priorities reflect the priorities of her district:  lowering taxes, making the Clark County School District more accountable to rural communities, eliminating crony capitalism in favor of fostering a prosperous business environment for all, and the one principle that underlies all others, keeping campaign promises.  Foust said “If I tell you I am going to do something, you can bank on it.” Foust said she understands that every bill passed in the State of Nevada affects one or more aspects of people’s lives.  “It is unconscionable that some of our politicians disrespect their constituents by voting against the general welfare of all Nevadans to benefit the privileged few. I will always vote with the understanding that I’m representing the lives and hopes and dreams of real people in my community, not special interest groups, not hired lobbyists, and not the governing elite in Carson City.”