The article said the Teamsters Local #14 did not file a grievance against the City of Mesquite as required in the contract.

According to Adam Levine, Attorney for Teamsters Local 14, two statements in the article “The Union contends it was not required to file a grievance and has not done so. Instead it filed a “Motion to Compel Arbitration” with the Clark County District Courts and an unfair bargaining complaint with the Employee Management Relations Board (EMRB).” are not accurate.

Levine stated that a letter was “sent on behalf of Local 14 to City Attorney Bob Sweetin pointing out that Teamsters Local 14’s letter of March 10, 2015 constitutes and meets all of the requirements of a grievance. The reason the Motion to Compel was filed with the District Court is because there was an agreement to arbitrate which the City has violated. The complaint with the EMRB was filed due to the City’s continued refusal to follow the law.”

The Mesquite Local News apologizes for any inconvenience caused by the error.