This week the movie 13 hours at Benghazi is in full release and should be the final nail in Hillary Clinton’s bid for the presidency.  Benghazi is where the heroes died and afterwards the cowards lied. The movie is based on the book by the same name. It is the true story told by the people who were there and lived through the “13 Hours”. To say the least, their story is quite different than the officials told both by the State Department and the White House.

Their story was an in-person account of what really happened by those who were lucky enough to have gotten out alive. It directly contradicts the story told by some very high ranking people including Hillary Clinton. Their true account was not prepared by people trying to save their behind. Lying so they could look like they did their job and protecting those above them.

Even a mile away at the CIA Annex the sound of shooting could be clearly heard. They also had received calls from the personnel at the State Department compound pleading for help. Six of the Annex Security Team picked up their weapons and told their superior they were going to help.

Kris Paronto, Mark Geist and John Tiegen; part of that ready team, described receiving multiple “stand down” orders from “Bob,” the CIA Chief of Base in Benghazi, Those orders delayed their arrival at the State Dept. compound. The team members ultimately defied orders and rushed to the compound which was under heavy attack

Obama administration officials’ claimed they only wanted to wait and make sure the men were fully equipped to handle the situation and not really a “stand down” order. It was almost impossible for reporters to investigate Benghazi. The next big lie was that help was too far away and nobody could get there in time. American bombers could have left the United States and got there in time. Plus the Rapid Reaction Force in Croatia actually was only 3 ½ hours away and some say they were even in route but neither the White House or the State Dept. got them clearance to enter the country or gave them to orders to “GO” so they had to turn back. Then there was the force in triple that was even closer but they weren’t sent either. That information has just recently come out and there is a lot of scrambling being done.

General Carter Ham, then-head of AFRICOM, sent a drone from Italy, but the General chose not to have it armed because he saw the mission as reconnaissance. Doesn’t the general know the difference between reconnaissance and fighting?  As Donald Trump says some of our top military officials don’t seem to have a clue on how to win.

This new movie account was supervised by many of the same people who were there and they say it is a very true account of what actually happen not some cover your behind press release. After Clinton’s statement “What difference does it make” We should realize that when we send our warriors to fight we don’t abandon them. We should do whatever it takes. But even more disturbing is that so few have stood up to tell the truth.

In any event I’ll see you at the movies.