Martial Arts Instructor, Sifu Jim Dartt from Beaver Dam, Arizona has been inducted into the Hall of Fame. Dartt was honored by Grandmaster Samuel Kwok, Ip Man linage Wing Chun,  who nominated and supported his induction into the 2016 Hall of Honors.

Master Alan Goldberg, publisher of Action Martial Arts Magazine stated, “Congratulations, we take great pride and pleasure to inform you of your induction as an Ambassador to the Martial Arts, into the largest and one of the most Prestigious Martial Arts Halls of Honor in the World.”  Action Martial Arts Magazine, Hall of Honors, is one of the world’s largest gathering of martial arts superstars, film and combat celebrities and renowned masters in the world.

Dartt’s Martial Arts training started in 1964 and progressed through the years. Various styles and techniques include Judo, Karate, Tai Chi, Kung fu, Russian Sambo, American Kick Boxing, Taekwondo, and Muay Thai. He has earned a 6th Dan (Grand Master) in TaeKwonMoodo, 5th Dan World Taekwondo Union, 4th Dan Taekwondo Kukkiwon, and Instructor Certification in NAK Muay Thai (Kru).  Dartt is also a LtCol USMC (Retired).

During the winter months he trains and instructs at NAK Muay Thai Gym (Las Vegas) and in the summer he is an instructor at The Straits Area Taekwondo Academy and MUTT MMA in Northern Michigan. Dartt is also the President of Legacy Combat Arts, a non-profit organization, which promotes the personal growth and development through martial arts of young women and men who will be the next leaders of the United States.