Mesquite Toes 11 annual christmas show 058News reporters always spend their time and words telling someone else’s story. So I thought it would be interesting to have our Mesquite Local News reporters tell their own story about their best Christmas memory.

Lou Martin, Sports reporter, writes about his childhood memory growing up as the youngest in a household of eight immigrants from Spain. Every year he saved his nickels and dimes to pay for “glass miniature duplicates of oil lamps filled with sweet smelling toilet water” for his sisters and sisters-in-law. A lot of us can relate to his memory and remember that it’s not the gift, it’s the thought behind it.

Burton Weast, News reporter, tells the story about the origin of his first name. For those of us who have lived through war and its ultimate sacrifice, his story is poignant and one we can understand. His intertwined tale of relatives and strangers can’t help but make you believe in the miracles of Christmas and what its true meaning is.

Teri Nehrenz, our Features story reporter, writes the most heart-breaking but ultimately uplifting story about tragedy and its aftermath. She convinces you that even in the worst of times, simple gifts of survival tell the real meaning of Christmas.

Stephanie Frehner, MLN Staffer-extraordinaire, describes several Christmas memories over her years, some with great humor. She tells of her mother’s happiest Christmas, her last one, last year, during which she received the gift she could use the most – dish towels.

I write about how my best Christmas, most memorable gift, and greatest holiday memory are all wrapped up in one year with a knock on the door at 3 a.m. Christmas morning.

Thanks for giving us a chance to write about ourselves and we hope you enjoy our personal stories.

We also hope all of you enjoy the Christmas holiday season in whatever way you know best. Please be safe in the New Year.

God bless us all.