A beginners Core and Strength class focuses on correct form for the beginning student. Exercises include upper and lower body strengthening and abs and bun work. The intent is to help the student function at an optimal level and to develop the strength necessary to do so. The class will tone your body and increase your energy level with a combination of stretching and core strengthening exercises. This well rounded program can improve your body. The class is appropriate for men and women.

At the beginning and end of the class, participants warm up/cool down and stretch for maximum benefit. All participants are encouraged to be mindful of their abilities and to never work through pain, as that is how injury occurs.

The class is taught by Terri McArthur a certified instructor. She recommends you wear comfortable clothing and bring bottled water and a towel. Classes are Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 8 a.m. to 8:45 a.m.  Please contact the Department of Leisure Services at 702-346-8732.