ThailandExchangeStudent-11-19-15Bangkok, Thailand has more than 8 million residents plus another 6 million within the metropolitan area. The population decreased by one this year when Latchanan Summoon began classes at Virgin Valley High School.

Summoon, a 16 year old exchange student, arrived in Mesquite in late August to begin her schooling in the United States. “I was shocked how small Mesquite was compared to Bangkok and how quiet it is,” she said. “Bangkok is very big and noisy compared to Mesquite, but it has something in common, heat. We are very hot in Bangkok all the time. The difference is Bangkok is humid all the time.”

Summoon comes from a family of four, including a sister. “My mom is a chemist in Thailand,” Summoon said. “My dream was answered when I was accepted for the exchange program. I wanted to learn the culture of America and improve my English.”

In Thailand, Summoon is known by her nickname “Klao.” “I love sports, especially basketball,” Summoon said. “Football here is not the same as in Thailand; you call it soccer. I find the school curriculum much easier in the U.S. than in my home country. My favorite class is P.E. I am enjoying my host family and all my new friends in Mesquite. I have never seen snow, so I am looking forward to winter.”