Many calls that the Police Department receives are not always included in the blotter, as they are under investigation or a synopsis is not received. To show the amount of work our PD does do, we are including a weekly roster of stats.
This week, there were 165 total incidents in the blotter:
Agency Assistance 5
Alarm 10
Animal Bailed Out 5
Animal complaint 6
Animal Drop Off 1
Animal Noise 1
Animal Owner Surrender 2
Animal Pickup 11
Animal Turned Over to Owner 2
Assault IP 2
Attempt to Locate 1
Battery on Person 1
Burglary 1
Citizen Assist 6
Citizen Dispute 1
Civil Matter 1
Controlled Substance Problem 1
Disorderly Conduct 1
Domestic Trouble 2
Driving Under the Influence 2
Found Property 3
Fraud 3
Hit & Run 1
Identification Check 1
Intoxicated Person 2
Juvenile Problem 1
Keep The Peace 4
Lost Property 1
Mental Person 1
Miscellaneous CAD Call Record 4
Missing Person 2
Noise Disturbance 2
Parking Problem 3
Person On Foot 2
Property Damage, Non Vandalism 1
Reckless Driver 5
Sex Offender Verification 1
Sex Offense 1
Suspicious Person/Circumstance 12
Suspicious/Pers 8
Suspicious/Veh 6
Theft 1
Threatening 1
Traffic Accident w/ Injuries 1
Traffic accident W/O injury 5
Traffic Problem 3
Traffic Stop 1
Trespassing IP 6
Unknown Problem 1
Verbal Dispute IP 4
VIN Number Inspection 9
Wanted Person 1
Welfare Check 5


Editor’s note: The following was taken from the pages of the Mesquite Police Department blotter for Nov. 8-15, 2015.

Nov. 8:

Fraud: An officer took a report of a fraud via a money transfer on Harbour Dr.

Trespassing IP: An officer responded to an E Pioneer Blvd casino and arrested a male subject for trespassing and a warrant out of the Mesquite Municipal Court.

Trespassing IP: Officers responded to a Mesa Blvd casino for a trespassed male refusing to leave.

Nov. 9:

Trespassing IP: Officers responded to an E Pioneer Blvd casino reference a trespass violation. Upon arrival Officers contacted and identified the violator who was refusing to leave.  The violator was arrested for trespassing.

Trespassing IP: Officers responded to an E Pioneer Blvd casino for a report of a male who had been trespassed and returned.

Burglary: Officers responded to a W Mesquite Blvd commercial business reference a burglary.  A report was taken and the investigation continues.

Nov. 10:

Juvenile Problem: Officers responded to a Desert Dr residence for a juvenile problem. Juvenile refused to come home. Officers located and returned the Juvenile to his residence. The juvenile was issued a citation for a curfew violation.

Lost Property: An Officer took a report of lost property. Information concerning the lost property was received and has been entered as lost.

Found Property: A Officer responded to a report of a found bicycle at Second South St & Shade Tree Ln. The bicycle was impounded as found property.

Intoxicated Person: Officer responded to an intoxicated person swearing in the E Old Mill Rd park. Subject was arrested for possessing and consuming alcohol in a public park.

Nov. 11:

Domestic Trouble: Officers responded to a call about a possible domestic violence situation at a N Dairy Ln residence. The investigation lead to the arrest of one male offender for domestic battery.

Nov. 12:

Missing Person: Officers were dispatched to a Desert Dr residence on a juvenile problem. Mother stated her juvenile son hadn’t returned home. She requested to sign a citation for curfew when he returned.

Assault IP: Officers responded to a report of gross lewdness on N Sandhill Blvd. Statements were gathered and the investigation is ongoing.

Citizen Assist: Police received a report of a citizen dispute. The complainant wanted only to

make the incident a matter of record, and an officer’s report was completed.

Traffic accident W/O injury: Officers responded to an E Pioneer Blvd casino parking lot reference a private property accident involving several vehicles. Insurance information for all vehicle owners was exchanged, and an officer’s report was completed.

Nov. 13:

Driving Under the Influence: Officers conducted a traffic stop on Mesa Blvd during which the driver was investigated for DUI. The male driver was arrested for DUI and traffic offenses.

Traffic accident W/O injury: Police responded to a minor traffic collision on N Sandhill Blvd. Vehicles suffered only minor damage, and the driver at fault was issued a citation.

Fraud: Police received a report of fraudulent activity involving Social Security. An officer’s report was completed.

Driving Under the Influence: Officers were dispatched to I-15, southbound, in reference to a suspected drunk driver.  The described vehicle was located on I-15.  The driver was later arrested for DUI-Alcohol (1st offense) and open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle.  One passenger was later arrested for open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle and possession of drug paraphernalia.  One passenger was arrested for open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle.

Nov. 14:

Controlled Substance Problem: Officers arrested a male on N Sandhill Blvd who had probable cause for arrest for felony sales of controlled substance.

Traffic Accident w/ Injuries: Officers responded to a report of traffic accident involving two vehicles. After conducting an accident investigation one driver was taken into custody for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Battery on Person: Officers responded to a Mesa Blvd casino reference an assault call.  Upon arrival Officers spoke with the parties involved.  One male subject was subsequently arrested for battery and obstructing.