Have you heard the saying “less is more?” Most likely you’ve heard someone say this at some point in your life; I know I have. Being consumed by monetary things surely isn’t the way to happiness, at least that’s what they say. Do you believe that less is more? Take a few minutes and think about it. Usually the people that tell you this are smart, yet are living comfortably.

Most of us believe that having a bit less through tougher times can bring a greater appreciation for more abundant times in the future; some of us are taught that as we grow into adulthood. However, in order to have more, one must have the aspiration and desires to achieve this goal. There are many troubled families in America today, and with the Holidays around the corner…I for one have thought about this daunting question quite often, and there are a couple ways of looking at it.

For those that have much more, I suggest you take a look into some nearby shelters, such as Salvation Army, Churches or local Rescue Missions. Here you will find less of almost everything; less food, clothing, and housing for so many families. We live in a world of selfishness, greed and ‘bigger is better’ mindset, yet there are so many people suffering from homelessness, addictions and bigger family problems than ever before. I am saddened by all of this. It is my goal here today to help those with more to give something this Holiday season to someone with less. Maybe you are able to give food to a shelter, or possibly some clothing you don’t wear anymore, or maybe a blanket. Shelters can often use first aid kits or toiletries. There are people out there that have nowhere to celebrate Thanksgiving because they don’t have family or any friends to reach out to. It’s a depressing time of year for them. While many of us take for granted our daily meals and family traditions, take the time this year to show some compassion for those less fortunate. Recently as I entered a Taco Bell I noticed an elderly woman walking around with an empty cup. She sat quietly until a couple walked in, ordered their food and then she began to approach them, while counting change in her hand she asked this couple for any spare change they might be able to give her so she’ be able to eat. The couple completely ignored her. I watched in disbelief. This woman must have been in her 70’s and clearly was in need. As we were leaving the establishment we approached her and handed her a $5.00 bill. She stumbled over her words trying to thank us. I don’t know how people can ignore this, but they do. Occasionally we need to remind ourselves that there is always someone less fortunate than us.

So let me share this thought today, ‘less is not always more’, but if you’ve been blessed with more… maybe this holiday season you too can brighten someone’s’ day.

Make your week count.