Fall 1896: The Hughes Family came to the Valley consisting of James Hughes Sr and his wife Camelia; sons, Jimmie Jr., Walter, William and Arthur; and daughters, Ella, Martha, Saddie and Fannie. It was soon discovered that the family was a great asset to the Valley.

Nov.11, 1897: Mesquite was made a branch of the Bunkerville LDS Ward an occasion not to be forgotten. Lorena wore her wedding dress and everyone ended up with a responsibility.

Nov.11, 1901: Mesquite Ward (congregation) was organized with William E. Abbott as Bishop, Nephi Johnson as 1st counselor and James W. Hughes as 2nd Counselor (clergy leaders)

Nov 19, 1919: Zion National Monument changed to Zion National Park.

Nov 9, 1947: Alonna Rice was born to E.J. and Zalia Rice at the “Little Rock Hospital” now the museum.