Dr. Ben Carson’s numbers have come up as he is now at the top of GOP presidential polls. Because of that his life is being challenged. Experience tells us that this will happen to each of the Republican Presidential hopefuls as they near the top of polls but somehow not the Democrats.

The first questions about Dr. Carson’s background were raised by CNN, as I remember, where they interviewed nine “friends, neighbors and classmates” who grew up with Carson, and they didn’t recall him being violent in any way or any of the violent episodes he describes in his many books and speeches. They instead said he was “quiet, bookish and nerdy.” This seemed to contrast with what he described as several violent incidents during his younger years.

What were they (CNN) thinking? Let’s see if we can destroy this man by interviewing some people from his past who had no knowledge of Dr. Carson doing anything violent. As most of us know, anger and even violence can happen in a second and it seems that they didn’t bother to find the right people, just anyone who might have known him. Shoddy work and a real stretch to try and reach a point to prove he was not telling the truth. How could people from someone past that didn’t live with or next to him know a person inside?

The other big story was reported by POLITICO that said he was not offered a full scholarship to West Point. Dr. Carson has spoken and written about the time where he met several military officials and one or more suggested he should apply to West Point and that he could get a full scholarship. It was stated that West Point doesn’t offer full scholarships so I wonder what you call a full ride as students don’t pay anything to attend. But you do have to commit to 4 years in the military.

Again Dr. Carson explains that he said it was offered but never followed up on the offer. He said he had already determined that he was going to go on to college and on to medical school. Such shoddy work and innuendoes, a young high school boy from Detroit would understand “a full scholarship” but the terms of West point’s commitment to military service takes a little longer to explain and the result is the same you don’t pay in dollars to attend college.

There are a few other facts that are being attacked but the bottom line is these are all attempts to discredit one of the most honorable men to ever run for president. What has America come to? Liars, crooks and other nefarious people run for office and are not challenged as much. If you’re a Democratic you get a “Get out of jail free” card which the President and the leading democratic candidate to replace him have so frequently used. So it boils down to Republicans who are in for a rough ride and when their number comes up they better be ready. Who will be next?