In conjunction with the Charles Arthur Hughes and Orilla Luella Leavitt Hughes Family Reunion, the Virgin Valley Heritage Museum invites descendants of Charles and Orilla to come into the Museum between Nov. 20 and 30, and help build a family tree by adding their name or a photo to the family tree.

Charles Arthur Hughes is the son of James and Carmelia Hughes.  In 1896, Charles and his parents moved to Bunkerville, Nevada.  Initially, the family only intended to stay only a short time and then move on to Mexico; however, the family ended up staying permanently.  He fell in love with a local girl, Orilla Luella Leavitt, and they were married in 1900.  Orilla is the daughter of Thomas Dudley Leavitt and Mary Luella Abbott.HughesFamilyTree-11-05-15

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