Trending topics can be found at any time, any place, when surfing the social media sites. You can get the latest news, videos that are viral, and slander among people that begin their own rants on any subject they want today. So when is enough… enough? People can be very mean spirited today, and will talk about almost anything online. In fact, hashtags are used with trending topics so they may be easily found, while making it accessible for others to join in the conversation. An example of subjects found on a social media site recently was “If I had a gun” and much worse. Why people can’t find something more meaningful to follow, or news worthy is beyond me. There aren’t many restraints on subjects that others write about, but we can control what we choose to read.

Social Media has become a way of life for many, and there is good among the bad, such as; job searching, contacting friends from your past, finding new recipes and keeping in touch with those we love. However, the bad is usually ugly and people unleash their inner ugliness, it’s like “no holds barred” when it comes to discussion. I recently looked up trending topics and found others discussing fat people, and comments were just cruel. Top social media sites are facebook, twitter, and link’d in, though there are more, but most trending subjects are found on twitter. One can join in current conversations on this site during (Live) television shows, by using hashtags in front of the subjects. It’s amazing how many actually do this. Trending topics change on a daily basis, but when it comes to unleashing harmful subjects it seems to last a bit longer.

There’s not much we can do when others choose to engage in such subjects, but we definitely don’t have to; I will move on, as I find it offensive. If one person defends the subject at hand in any way, and reposts, it keeps the subject trending. A lot of people like to share their opinions, and using sites to do this can spiral out of control at times. Have you ever noticed that people will leave the site for a period of time? Sure, because it’s not always healthy for someone to read hurtful or demeaning subjects, though it may be indirectly, it is not always easy to ignore. Subjects on twitter are not pre-screened, but my guess is that might change at some point down the road; or not. Millions of people are talking on social media today, while some subjects are worth reading, and photographs are worth the view. I love the fact that you can have breaking news from around the world at your fingertips in a quick minute, and that I choose to read, but as far as nasty subjects go, I won’t even follow or read. I choose to gain knowledge and engage in worthy subjects, as I hope… you can do the same. Better yet, start your own conversation, and don’t forget the hashtag, #HappyReading .

Make your week count.