Are you ready for the Ghoulish Holiday? This year October 31st falls on a Saturday, making it convenient for all to enjoy this year. Adults as well as children love to dress up at this time of year; whether it’s a home party or local event … dressing up is half the fun. You must first begin with some costume ideas, and I say ‘Ideas’ because you may not always find exactly what you want while shopping, so it’s best to have several ideas before you begin putting a costume together.

Trendy costumes this year are Super Heroes, Zombies and of course Star Wars, though some adults might get a kick out of dressing as Donald Trump, which seems to be trendy when it comes to a hair piece; “I can’t help but laugh at this one.” Anyhow, I believe many of these are picked over by this time of year, so if you’ve been contemplating for a bit, you may need other ideas… especially on a budget. There may be plenty of items in your home that may be used for costumes, such as make-up, old sheets or clothing and things that are used for crafts of sorts. Super Heroes on a budget shouldn’t kill your pocket book; all you need are some colored tights (depending on who your heroes are), some felt pieces (you can cut out your own letter out or whatnot), glue (preferably hot glue), and maybe some material, along with snug fitting t-shirts. If looking for a belt, try a second hand store if you don’t have one. These are enough pieces to get started on your costume and be creative. Having old sheets around can also be used for capes or ghouls, yet all you need to do is die the sheets to your desired color; Wal-Mart carries die.

Using your imagination brings the kid out of everyone, and knowing you won’t look like anyone else at the party is also a relief. I once had a Halloween party and someone came as a ‘Tampax Box’ which they made; granted, this was an adult party, but talk about creative… this guy put a large rectangular box over his head (it was identical in colors, which he did, with  the designer logo on the front) and wore tights with white gloves. It was laughter all the way around. Now, while most would not attempt to dress as a feminine product, remember… I am here just giving you creative ideas. You may dress as characters from some popular movies such as ‘Napoleon Dynamite.’ Buy a crazy wig and make your own t-shirt with ‘Vote for Pedro’ on it. For those of you not familiar with this, you may look it up online. For more interesting ideas click here … . If you love to be different, I’m sure your mind may be stirring now, as the possibilities are endless. As for children, one of my favorite ideas for dressing up is Tom Sawyer, using an older torn pair of denim shorts and whatnot. You can find his photograph online or from a book at the library.

Whatever ideas you come up with, I’m sure you’ll be a hit wherever your Halloween destination may be. On a side note, please be careful this holiday season, as ‘Safety’ should always be in the back of your mind. Also, check your children’s’ candy before letting them indulge…or better yet, take them somewhere they are having a local celebration, like the Museum or recreation center, and don’t forget to snap some pictures; there’s nothing like having unforgettable moments and having those pictures to reminisce about. Have a Happy Halloween all.

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